• Jobs & Economic Development

• Safer Neighborhoods

• Human Rights

• Affordable Housing and Transportation

• Environmental Justice & Energy

• Affordable Health Care

• Education, Children, and Our Youth

• Fairer Taxes







• DFL Housing Lead on Job Growth & Energy Affordability Policy and Finance Committee

• Environment & Natural Resources Policy & Finance Committee

• Agriculture Finance Committee

• Governor's Workforce Development Council

• National Conference of State Legislators – Economic Development

Congressman Gutierrez congratulated Rep. Clark for her work on helping to pass the MN Dream Act and being the chief author of the "Driver's Licenses For All" bill that would have provided alternative Minnesota identification for non-citizens who want to apply for driver's licenses.

The two main sponsors of the Marriage Equality bill, Rep. Karen Clark and Sen. Scott Dibble, were among the onlookers as Dayton signed, capping their long and often challenging  struggle to advance GLBTQ rights.


• Marriage Equality Law

• Housing for Exploited New Americans Experiencing Domestic Violence

• Urban Agriculture added to  MN Department of Agriculture’s Mission

• HOME Bill (Home Ownership Opportunities Made Equitable)

• Economic Development Jobs Incubator created and funded for neighborhoods

• Minnesota Worker's Right-to-Know and Community Right-to-Know Exposure to Toxic Substances

• Mandated Living Wage Requirements for Corporate Subsidies

• Early Education and Child Care Act

• Cancer and Birth Defects Registry

• Patients' and Residents' Bill of Rights

• American Indian Family Preservation Act

• Minnesota Emergency Employment Development Act (MEED)

• AIDS funding for Communities of Color

• Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans

• Urban Revitalization Action Program

• Inhalant Abuse and Prevention Act

• Crack House Initiatives

• MN Dislocated Worker's State Fund

• Community Initiatives for Children

• Culturally Based Chemical Dependency Services

• Telecommunications Assistance for Communications Impaired Program

• Economic Conversion Planning (Peace Dividend Conversion)

• Hate Crimes Enforcement

• Unemployment Compensation for Sexual Harassment

• Native American Battered Women's Shelter/ Asian Women United Shelter/Voice of East African Women’s  Shelter

• MN YouthBuild created and funded

• "Full-Cycle" Home-ownership Opportunities

• Tenants Rights and Responsibilities Legislation

• "Sexual Orientation" added to MN Human Rights Act

• Childcare Apprenticeship Pilot Program

• Alcohol Detoxification Reform

• "Crime Prevention Bonding" for Battered Women, Crime Victims, HeadStart, Crisis Nurseries, and Child Visitation Centers

• Corporate Job-Creation Accountability for "Corporate Welfare” subsidies

• MN Family Homeless Prevention Act

• MN Childhood Lead Poisoning Act

• Emergency Mortgage and Rental Assistance Program

• Environmental Justice Study

• Public Health Approach to Crack-Cocaine Addiction

• Minority Scholarships for Nurses; Success in Nursing Act (tutoring for new Americans)

• Culturally Specific Childcare

• Affordable Rental Investment Fund

• Community Rehabilitation Housing Fund

• Prostitution Prevention and Tougher Penalties for Pimps

• Spoken Language Interpreter Study

• Restorative Justice Funding for neighborhoods

• Bonding for Green Institute Eco Center

• CLEAR-Corp Funding for Lead Cleanup

• Renter's "Second Chance" Bonding and Certification Funding

• Opportunities Industrialization Centers (OICs) Job Training Funding

• Deaf and Hard of Hearing Jobs Program Funding

• Equal Pay Study

• AIDS in the Workplace Employer Training

• World Trade Agreements Disclosures

• Veterans' Exposure to Toxins and Radiation Health Care Outreach Services

• Women's Economic Development Community Organization Funding

• Minority Economic Development Association Funding (MEDA)

• Youth Intervention Project Funding

• American Indian Pharmacy Project Funding

• Self-Defense Education added to School Anti-Bullying Bill

• Tougher Enforcement of Migrant Farm Workers' Labor Rights

• Homeless Youth Services Funding

• Bridges Transitional Housing for Mentally Ill Funding



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